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Havoc addon Packs have been updated please READ THIS - Shadowze 19/MAR/2017


- Sunday Op: 18:45 (Start 19:00) Sign-up

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Havoc Company - Tactical Gaming

Havoc Company was established by a group of close-knit players in 2010, but many of us had been playing together for a few years before that. Havoc Company was created with the main aims of being open, fair, and fun. We are based in the GMT0 timezone but welcome members from all over the world, from as far away as Australia.

When playing, we strive to promote teamwork and tactics, but we are always careful not to limit ingenuity and initiative. What does this mean? It simply means that although we use military tactics, we do not follow them to the letter and actually encourage imagination when planing. The result of this is a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone can contribute. It is something of which we are very proud.

What do you play?

Primarily we play ARMA 3 with a carefully selected group of community made mods, such as islands and extra weapons. We also have our own in-house mod and mission makers, that create exclusive mods and missions to enhance our gameplay.

Other than ARMA3, we also regularly play DCS World and have created a Virtual Airforce Division that flys DCS missions. Elite Dangerous is also played by our members. To learn more about other games that we play, click here.

When do you play?

Havoc Company meets every Sunday at 7PM GMT to play a scheduled ARMA3 coop. Each week normally brings a new mission to play, offering new challenges and a varied experience (please note that this is open only to members and recruits). We usually play for around 2 hours.

We also organise casual games throughout the week, playing ARMA3 and other games. This provides an excellent opportunity to try new games within our community. Our members will gladly show you the ropes and have you playing in no time at all. Whatever your tastes are, there is always something to get involved in at Havoc Company.
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Teamspeak 3

All are welcome to talk or play with us
Password: orange
Connect to TS3 Server


Arma3 version info

ArmA 3: 1.68.140908 x64 Stable 17/MAR/2017
  • Server Side Addons (1/APR/2017)
  • @CBA_A3 
  • @task_force_radio 0.9.12
  • @havoc V1.8 (custom crates etc)
  • @havoc_land V1.8 (CUP 1.2.0)
  • @havoc_wep V2.2 (RHS 4.2.1)
  • @havoc_men V1.9 (taliban/Zombies4.6)
  • @baf (wep men eqp vech)
  • Client Side Addons (13/FEB/2016)
  • @havoc_misc (TAW)
  • Dynasound 2.1
  • Teamspeak 32bit 64bit
  • @test (optional) contains addons we are trying out
  • @FOW (optional) contains faces of war WW2 we are trying out
  • @IFA3_AIO_LITE (optional) contains Iron front lite
  • Guide to getting your addons set-up to play on our Arma3 servers here -> Guide

Server costs

Amount needed £70     Amount Raised: £0
Contact DreamAttack if you want to help out
A hearty thanks to all who have contributed

Arma3 Main Server

Pop on our Public ArmA3 Server, play one our unique missions with us.